Who holds the copyright to articles published in JALT Journal?

  1. JALT Journal (JALT) has First World Publication Rights, as defined by International Copyright Conventions, to the Work in question;
  2. all statutory rights in the copyright of the Work in question are retained by the Author(s);
  3. JALT reserves the right to reproduce the Work in JALT sponsored publications other than JALT Journal, but must notify the Author(s);
  4. to compensate for publication and other expenses, JALT will retain all proceeds of sale by JALT or other vendors of JALT-produced copies of the Work;
  5. the Author(s) may also have the Work reproduced in other publications without notifying JALT, but must ensure the following:
    1. the Work may not appear prior to publication in JALT Journal;
    2. the reproduced Work must bear the following credit:
      (This article) (A different version of this article) first appeared in JALT Journal, (volume[issue], date), published by the Japan Association for Language Teaching.
  6. JALT Journal (JALT) certifies and warrants that after publication of the Work, it releases to the Author(s) all rights except those reserved above, and that the Work will be copyrighted by the following legend, to be printed on JALT Journal's Table of Contents page:
    All materials in this publication are copyright (date) by their respective authors.
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