JALT Journal - Issue 11.2; December 1989

Volume: 11
Issue No. 2
Date of publication: December 1989
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JALT Journal

Internationalization, Nihonjinron, and the Question of Japanese Identity
by Walter Edwards, Matsumoto Dental College

An Analysis of a Japanese ESL Learner's Diary: Factors Involved in the L2 Learning Process
by Kazuko Matsumoto

Motivation After Matriculation: Are Japanese Learners of English Still Alive Afte Exam Hell?
by Richard Berwick and Steven Ross, Kobe University of Commerce

Variation in the Relative Clause of Japanese Learners
by Lynne Hansen-Strain, Brigham Young University, Hawaii; Jeris E. Strain, Himeji Dokkyo University

Point to Point: Some Comments on "Team-Teaching in Japan: The Koto-Ku Project"
by Lynn Stein, International Christian University

by David Wardell, Scott Petersen, Hugh Rutledge, and Brad Visgatis

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