JALT Journal - Issue 14.2; November 1992

Volume: 14
Issue No. 2
Date of publication: November 1992
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JALT Journal

Effects of the Culture Assimilator on Cross-Cultural Understanding and Attitudes of College Students
by Junko Aoki, Notre Dame Seishin Junior College, Hiroshima

Top-Level Text Structure in Reading Ll and FL Expository Prose
by Akemi Nagasaka, Keisen Jogakuen Junior College

Variation Between the Simple Past and the Present Perfect and its Pedagogical Implications
by Ronald Sheen, Tottori University

New English in the Education System-Focusing on Singaporean English
by Akihiko Higuchi, Kagoshima National College of Technology

by Virginia LoCastro, Jane Hoelker, Katie Gray, Scott Petersen, Brian Harrison, Thomas Hardy, Hiroto Nagata, and Thomas F. Barry

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