JALT Journal - Issue 15.1; May 1993

Volume: 15
Issue No. 1
Date of publication: May 1993
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JALT Journal

Memory: Old News, Bad News, New News, Good News
by Earl W. Stevick, Lexington, Virginia

Japanese Pronunciation of English
by Tim Riney and Janet Anderson-Hsieh, International Christian University

Rightside-up Pronunciation for the Japanese Preparing Top-down Communicative Lessons
by Daniel W. Evans, Center for International Programs, Saint Michael's College

Developing Fluency with Pair Taping
by Peter Schneider, Shiga University of Medical Science

The English Vocabulary of 21 Japanese Adults on a High Proficiency Level
by Hiroyuki lzawa, University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences, Kobe

Research Forum: A Study of Will and Going to in Plans and Predictions
by Dale T. Griffee, Seigakuin University

Research Forum: A Comparison Study of Audio and Video in Language Testing
by Paul Gruba, Kanda University of International Studies

by Alan Maley, Paul Gruba, Ruth Wajnryb, Lauren Shapiro, Patrick Colabucci, Kazuko Yamada, James Tollefson, and Elizabeth King

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