JALT Journal - Issue 15.2; November 1993

Volume: 15
Issue No. 2
Date of publication: November 1993
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JALT Journal

Word Association Results: A Window to the Lexicons of ESL Students
by Anita J. Sokmen

Contrastive Rhetoric and the Japanese Writer of EFL
by Waiching Enid Mok, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Investigating the Process Approach to Writing
by Wai King Tsang and Matilda Wong, City Polytechnic oj Hong Kong

Comparing Native and Nonnative Teachers' Evaluations of Error Seriousness
by Norbert Schmitt, Minatogawa Women's College

Research Forum: Evaluation of an English Language Day
by Tamara Swenson, William Cline, and Catherine Bacon, Osaka Jogakuin Junior College

Research Forum: The Fear of Making Errors in JSL Acquisition
by Keiko Nonaka, Daito Bunka University

Point-to-Point: "Cultural English," "International English," and Language "Standards"
by Ian G. Gleadall

by Michael McCarthy, Lowell Brubaker, Martin Bauer, Thomas Hardy, Tamara Swenson, Bruce Horton, and Thomas Paikeday

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