JALT Journal - Issue 16.1; June 1994

Volume: 16
Issue No. 1
Date of publication: June 1994
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JALT Journal

Down the Garden Path: Another Look at Negative Feedback
by Rod Ellis, Temple University; H. Roderick Rosszell, Temple University Japan; Hidekuki Takashima, Hyogo University of Education

Design and Development of a Video-Mediated Test of Communicative Proficiency
by Paul Gruba, University of Melbourne

C-Tests: Four Kinds of Texts, Their Reliability and Validity
by Akihiko Mochizuki, Aichi University of Education

The Learning Styles of Japanese Students
by Ken Hyland, International Pacific College, Palmerston, New Zealand

Research Forum: Apologies in English by Japanese Learners
by Sachiko Narita, Kyoto, Japan; Richard Young, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Forum: Using Captions Increases Comprehension
by Sophia Shang-Ikeda, Kagoshima Women's College

Research Forum: A Study of Beginning ESL Students' Performance in Interview Tests
by Christopher Madeley, The British Council Cambridge English School

by Lauren Shapiro, Robert Baines, Jane HoeIker, Lowen Brubaker, William S. Bradley, Janet Dixon, Kimiko Ochi, and Greg Jewell.

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