JALT Journal - Issue 16.2; December 1994

Volume: 16
Issue No. 2
Date of publication: December 1994
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JALT Journal

Linguistic Determinism and Mutability: The Sapir-Whorf "Hypothesis" and Intercultural Communication
by Gene Van Troyer, Gifu University for Education and Languages

English-Speaking Returnees in Japan: An Exploratory Study at One University
by Kenneth R. Rose, Hong Kong Baptist College; Naomi K. Fujishima, Kwansei Gakuin University

A Case Study of English Teaching at Japanese Elementary Schools
by Kyoko Suwa, Kyoto Tachibana Women's University

Research Forum: Gender, Japanese Pronouns and Social Change: A Preliminary Investigation
by Steven Brown, University of Pittsburgh

by Charles Wordell, Wm. Thomas Hill, Francoise Carter, Shaun Gates, Kevin Varden, Guy Modica, Paul Hays, Virginia LoCastro, and Alan Maley

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