JALT Journal - Issue 17.1; May 1995

Volume: 17
Issue No. 1
Date of publication: May 1995
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Note: As these issues of JALT Journal exist in paper format only, we currently do not have digital versions available. If you wish to get copies of any articles in this issue, these can be obtained for a small fee by contacting JALT Central Office through the Contacts page. 


JALT Journal

English Language Entrance Examinations at Japanese Universities: What Do We Know About Them?
by James Dean Brown, University of Hawaii at Manoa; Sayoko Okada Yamashita, International Christian University

Japanese Learners' Reactions To Communicative English Lessons
by Ted Miller, Soka University

Japanese Learners' Repetition in Conversation in Relation to English Proficiency Level
by Hiroe Kobayashi, Hiroshima University; Keiko Hirose, Aichi Prefectural University

Evaluation Criteria for ESL/EFL Software
by Eiji Hashimoto, University of British Columbia

Research Forum: Japanese College Students' Attitudes Toward Accents of English
by Richard A. Humphries, Kansai junior College of Foreign Languages, Hotani campus

Perspectives: Journal Writing in College EngUsh Classes in Japan: Shifting the Focus from Language to Education
by Christine Pearson Casanave, Keio University, SFC

by Francis Britto, Stewart Hartley, and Thomas Simmons

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