JALT Journal - Issue 17.2; November 1995

Volume: 17
Issue No. 2
Date of publication: November 1995
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JALT Journal

Word DefInition and Language Proficiency
by Machiko Achiba, Tokyo Woman's Christian University

An Inquiry into Reading Comprehension Strategies through Think-aloud Protocols
by Hideo Horibe, Hiroshima Institute of Technology

大学鶴留学生ほどのように文章を書き上げている か:始準的奮さ手と葬郊率的書き手の文灘産出過 程の特徴
by 衣川陸生, 名古屋大学大学院

Ideologies of English Language Education in Japan
by Graham Law, Waseda University

Translation-aided Approach in Second Language Acquisition
by Kiwamu Izumi, Kiryu Girls' Senior High School, Kiryu, Gunma

Fragmentation in Conversational Japanese: A Case Study
by Kazuko Matsumoto, Aichi University of Education

Point-to-Point: A Reaction to Brown and Yamashita "English Language Entrance Exams at Japanese Universities: What Do We Know About Them?"
by Barry O'Sullivan, Faculty of Education, Okayama University

The Authors Respond to O'Sullivan's Letter to JALT Journal: Out Of Criticism Comes Knowledge
by James Dean Brown, University OJ Hawaii At Manoa; Sayoko Okada Yamashita, International Christian University

Research Forum: A Preliminary Study of Voice Quality Differences between]apanese and American English: Some Pedagogical Suggestions
by Yuichi Todaka, Miyazaki Municipal University

Research Forum: Goal-Setting to Raise Speaking Self-Confidence
by Stephen A. Templin, Kakio High School, Kanagawa Prefecture

Perspectives: Introductory Lessons: Setting the Stage for Communicative Language Teaching inJapanese College English Classes
by Roger Davies, Ehime University

by Mark A. Liegel, Jaqueline D. Beebe, Patrick Rosenkjar, and William Thomas Hill

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