JALT Journal - Issue 18.1; May 1996

Volume: 18
Issue No. 1
Date of publication: May 1996
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JALT Journal

What do JTEs Really Want?
by Wendy F. Scholetleld, Charles Sturt University

Do EFL Learners Make Instrumental Inferences when Reading? Some Evidence from Implicit Memory Tests
by Suzanne Collins, Hidetsugu Tajika, Aichi University of Education

Function and Structure of Academic English
by Martha C. Pennington, City University of Hong Kong

Writing on Academic Topics: Externalizing Rhetorical Processes in an Intercultural Context
by Jack Kimball, Miyazaki Medical College

American English, Japanese, and Directness: More Than Stereotypes
by Kenneth R. Rose, Hong Kong Baptist University

High School EngUsh Textbooks and College Entrance Examinations: A Comparison of Reading Passage Difficulty
by Shinji Kimura, Kwansei Gakuin University; Brad Visgatis, Osaka International College for Women

Research Forum: Detecting Cross-Linguistic Difficulties in Learning English: Using a Text Reconstruction Program
by Regina Lo, City University of Hong Kong

Research Forum: Professors' Expectations of Foreign Students in Freshman-Level Courses
by David Kehe, Peggy Kehe, Minnesota State University-Akita

Perspectives: Global Issues in EFL: Why and How
by Daniel McIntyre, Joetsu University of Education, Niigata

Perspectives: Imagery, Verbal Processes, and Second Language Learning
by James W. Ney, Arizona State University

by Timothy Riney, Valerie Fox, David Simons, Adrian Cohen, Nicholas E. Miller, and Courtney Lowe.

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