JALT Journal - Issue 18.2; December 1996

Volume: 18
Issue No. 2
Date of publication: December 1996
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JALT Journal

Testing English Tests: A Language Proficiency Perspective
by Akihiro Ito, Hiroshima University

Assistant Language Teachers inJunior High School: Do Programs Stressing Their Inclusion Produce Better Listeners?
by James Sick, Chuo University

Motivational Differences Between Chinese and}apanese Learners of English as a Foreign Language
by Bill Teweles, Long Beach (CA) City College

Teacher Preferences of Student Behavior in Japan
by Catherine L. Sasaki, Tokoha Gakuen University

The Essential Role of Negotiation in the Communicative Classroom
by Teresa Pica, University of Pennsylvania

インターアクション場商の変化と社会ストラテ ジー:日豪での縦断的調査研究から脳
by 認縄盟司, モナシュ大学; ピロッタ丸出浮, 立教大学

Research Forum: But I Don't Want to be Rude: On Learning How to Express Anger in the L2
by Mitsuyo Toya, University of the Rukyus; Mary Kodis, Valley High School

Research Forum: The Role of Teachers and Students in Academic Writing Tutorials: A Classroom Based Study
by Adrienne Nicosia, Berkeley Jobs Consortium and City College of San Francisco; Lynn Stein, English Language Program, International Christian University

Perspectives: Teaching Suprasegmentals to Japanese Learners of English Through Electronic Visual Feedback
by Janet Anderson-Hsieh, Iowa State University

Teaching Sociolinguistic Knowledge in Japanese High Schools
by Kiwamu Izumi, Kiryu Girl's High School

by Kaye M. Dunn, Wllliam Corr, Milan Davidovic, Thomas L. S~ons, Tim Knight, David Cozy, and Wm. Thomas Hill

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