JALT Journal - Issue 19.2; November 1997

Volume: 19
Issue No. 2
Date of publication: November 1997
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JALT Journal

Validating a Questionnaire on Confidence in Speaking English as a Foreign Language
by Dale T. Griffee, Seigakuin University

On Reading-Writing Relationships in First and Foreign Languages
by Ahmad Abu-Akel, University of California, Los Angeles

Teaching with Music: A Comparison of Conventional Listening Exercises with Pop Song Gap-fill Exercises
by Kim Kanel, Kinki University

Learning Pronunciation and Intonation of Japanese through Drama by Beginning Language Students: A Case for Reflective journals
by Harumi Moore, Australian National University

オーストラリアにおける観光業用の日本語コースのヂザ インと実務
by 鴬生ふさ子・舛見蘇弘美・トムソン木下千尋, ニューサウスウエールズ大学

Perspectives: Empathy and Teacher Development
by John B. Kemp, Gakushuin and Seikei Universities

Perspectives: Answer, Please Answer! A Perspective onJapanese University Students' Silent Response to Questions
by Timothy J. Korst, Ryukyu University

Perspectives: A Poem in the Process: Haiku as an Alternative to Brainstorming
by John Esposito, Kogei Women's Junior College

by Greta J. Gorsuch, Vuginia loCastro, Valerie Fox, Wendy L. Bowcher, Steffen Eckart,David Cozy, Stephen M. Ryan, Ronald M. Honda, Ron Grove, Mark O'Neil, and Sandra Ishikawa.

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