JALT Journal - Issue 20.1; May 1998

Volume: 20
Issue No. 1
Date of publication: May 1998
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JALT Journal

Yakudoku EFL Instruction in Two Japanese High School Classrooms: An Exploratory Study
by Greta J. Gorsuch, Mejiro University

Japanese EFL Learners' Perception of Politeness in Low Imposition Requests
by Hiroko Matsuura, Fukushima University

EFL's Othering of Japan: OrientaIism in English Language Teaching
by Bernard Susser, Doshisha Women's Junior College

Point to Point: A Reaction to MacGregor's "The Eiken Test: An Investigation"
by Nigel Henry, International Masters Academy, Okayama

The Author Responds: A Brief Clarification
by Laura MacGregor, Sapporo International University

Point to Point: A Reaction to Ito's "Japanese EFL Learners' Test-Type Related InterIanguage Variability"
by Takao Imai, Aichi Mizuho College

The Author Responds: More on Test-Types
by Akihiro Ito, Hiroshima University

Research Forum: Conversational Turn-taking Behaviors of Japanese and Americans in Small Groups
by Michael T. Hazel, Kagoshima Immaculate Heart College; Joe Ayres, Washington State University

Research Forum: The Need to Teach Communication Strategies in the Foreign Language Classroom
by George Russell, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu; Lester Loschky, Nanzan University, Nagoya

Perspectives: Classroom Self-Assessment - A Pilot Study

Perspectives: Intensifying Practice and Noticing through Videoing Conversations for Self-Evaluation
by Tim Murphey, Nanzan University; Tom Kenny, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies

by Charles Adamson, William Bradley, Andrew Jones, and Ann Peyton

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