JALT Journal - Issue 20.2; November 1998

Volume: 20
Issue No. 2
Date of publication: November 1998
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JALT Journal

An EFL Readability Index
by James Dean Brown, University of Hawai'i

発話矯正: コミュニティ・ランゲージ・ラーニングの理論の応 - Applying CIL Principles to Error Correction
by 横溝紳一郎, 南山大学外国人留学生別科

Local Area Network (LAN) Computers in ESL and EFL Writing Classes: Promises and Realities
by George Braine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Milio Yorozu, University of Hong Kong

Effectiveness of Different Approaches to Kanji Education with Second Language Learners
by Mary Flaherty, University College Dublin; Mary Sisk Noguchi, Meijo University

Point to Point: Two Reactions to Susser's "EFL's Othering of Japan: Orientalism in English Language Teaching"
by Paul Stapleton, Hokkaido University

The Author Responds
by Bernard Susser Doshisha Women's Junior College

Point to Point: A Reaction to Gorsuch's "Yakudoku EFL Instruction in Two Japanese High School Classrooms": Yakudoku, Grammar Translation, or Reading Methods?
by Charles Jannuzi, Fukui University

The Author Responds
by Greta Gorsuch, Mejiro University

Perspectives: Procedural and Conceptual Parallels Between Student and Teacher Product-Driven Writing Projects
by Christine Pearson Casanave, Keio University, Shonan Fujisawa Campus

Perspectives: Intercultural Communication Concepts and Implications for Teachers
by Anne M. Shibata, State University of New York, New Paltz

by Thomas Asada-Grant, Mary Baken, William Corr, Ron Grove, Lewis E. Haymes, Guy Modica, and Paul Nation

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