JALT Journal - Issue 22.1; May 2000

Volume: 22
Issue No. 1
Date of publication: May 2000
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JALT Journal

A System for Analyzing Conversation Textbooks
by Takashi Miura, Shizuoka University

Teachers of English in Japan: Professional Development and Training at a Crossroads
by Judith M. Lamie, University of Birmingham

An Investigation of Five Japanese English Teachers' Reflections on Their U.S. MA TESOL Practicum Experience
by Sandra McKay, San Francisco State University

Teacher Codeswitching in the EFL Classroom
by Yuri Hosoda, Temple University, Japan

Effects of Teaching Metaknowledge and Journal Writing on Japanese University Students' EFL Writing
by Keiko Hirose and Miyuki Sasaki, Aichi Prefectural University and Nagoya Gakuin University

Establishing a Valid, Reliable Measure of Writing Apprehension for Japanese Students
by Steve Cornwell & Tonia McKay, Osaka Jogakuin Junior College

Awareness and Real Use of Reading Strategies
by Ryusuke Yamato, Hokuriku University

Research Forum: Which Words? A Comparison of Learner and Teacher Choices for Lexical Study
by Michael Guest, Miyazaki Medical College

Perspectives: "The Eyes of Hito": A Japanese Cultural Monitor of Behavior in the Communicative Language Classroom
by David L. Greer, Tosa Women's Junior College

Perspectives: Helping Novice EFL/ESL Academic Writers Appreciate English Textual Patterns through Summary Writing
by Kyoko Yamada, Kansai Gaidai University

by Amy D.Yamashiro, Caroline Bertorelli, Brenda Dyer, Roberta Golliher, and Jenifer Hermes

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