JALT Journal - Issue 23.1; May 2001

Volume: 23
Issue No. 1
Date of publication: May 2001
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  • Researching and Applying Metaphor (Lynne Cameron & Graham Low) Reviewed by Jonathan Picken
  • Language Teaching: New Insights for the Language Teacher (C. Ward & W. Renandya) Reviewed by Robert Mahon
  • Issues for Today: An Intermediate Reading Skills Text (Lorraine C. Smith and Nancy N. Mare) Reviewed by Darren P. Bologna
  • The Rise and Fall of Languages (R. M. W. Dixon) Reviewed by Marshall R. Childs
  • Alphabet to Email: How Written English Evolved and Where It's Heading (Naomi Baron) Reviewed by John Katunich
  • Rights to Language: Equity, Power, and Education (Robert Phillipson) Reviewed by David P. Shea


JALT Journal

Comprehension and Production Practice in Grammar Instruction: Does Their Combined Use Facilitate Second Language Acquisition?
by Takeo Tanaka, Yamanashi University

Professional Development and the JET Program: Insights and Solutions Based on the Sendai City Program
by Anthony Crooks, Sendai Board of Education

Language Learning Motivation of EFL Learners in Japan-A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Various Learning Milieus
by Yuzo Kimura, Naruto University of Education; Yoshiyuki Nakata, Kyushu International University; Tomomi Okumura, Higashi-Otsu Senior High School

Beliefs about Learning and Teaching Communicative English in Japan
by Hiroko Matsuura, Fukushima University; Reiko Chiba, Asia University; Paul Hilderbrandt, Meiji Gakuin University

What Counts in the Acquisition and Attrition of Numeral Classifiers?
by Lynne Hansen, Yung-Lin Chen, Brigham Young University, Hawaii

Research Forum: An Analysis of Discourse Miscues in the Oral Production of Non-native Speakers of English
by V. Michael Cribb, Kansai Gaidai University

Perspectives: Tools of Recursion, Intermental Zones of Proximal Development, and Critical Collaborative Autonomy
by Tim Murphey, Nanzan University

by Jonathan Picken, Robert Mahon, Darren P. Bologna, Marshall R. Childs, John Katunich, and David P. Shea

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