JALT Journal - Issue 25.1; May 2003

Volume: 25
Issue No. 1
Date of publication: May 2003
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  • Intercultural Business Communication (Robert Gibson) Reviewed by Peter J. Farrell
  • Individual Freedom in Language Teaching (Christopher Brumfit) Reviewed by Tim Knight
  • Phonetics (Peter Roach) Reviewed by Mathew White
  • The Atoms of Language: The Mind's Hidden Rules of Grammar (Mark C. Baker) Reviewed by David Cozy


JALT Journal

Learner Characteristics of Early Starters and Late Starters of English Language Learning: Anxiety, Motivation, and Aptitude
by Tomoko Takada, Gakushuin Girls’ Junior & Senior High School

Uncovering First Year Students’ Language Learning Experiences, Attitudes and Motivations in a Context of Change at the Tertiary Level of Education
by Kevin O’Donnell, Suzuka International University

Study-abroad, Language Proficiency and Learner Beliefs about Language Learning
by Koichi Tanaka, Auckland Institute of Studies; Rod Ellis, University of Auckland

What Do We Know About the Language Learning Motivation of University Students in Japan? Some Patterns in Survey Studies
by Kay Irie, Temple University Japan

by Peter J. Farrell, Tim Knight, Mathew White, and David Cozy

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