JALT Journal - Issue 25.2; November 2003

Volume: 25
Issue No. 2
Date of publication: November 2003
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  • Stylistics (Peter Verdonk) Reviewed by Haruko Sera
  • Discourse Politeness in Japanese Conversation (Mayumi Usami) Reviewed by Justin Charlebois
  • An Introduction to Applied Linguistics (Norbert Schmitt) Reviewed by Roger Nunn
  • Teaching English as an International Language (Sandra Lee McKay) Reviewed by David McMurray


JALT Journal

Assessing Speaking: Issues in School-Based Assessment and the Introduction of Speaking Tests into the Japanese Senior High School Entrance Examination
by Tomoyasu Akiyama, University of Melbourne

Students’ Perceived Problems in an EAP Writing Course
by Chitose Asaoka, Dokkyo University; Yoshiko Usui, Tama University

学習者の動機づけは何によって高まるのか -自己決定理論による高校生英語学習者の動機づけの検討- What Enhances Language Learner’s Motivation? - High school English learner’s motivation from the perspective of Self-Determination Theory
by 廣 森 友 人, 北海道大学

大学生を対象とした英語授業不安尺度の作成とその検討 – The English Language Classroom Anxiety Scale: Test Construction, Reliability, and Validity
by 近藤真治, 福井医科大学; 楊瑛玲, 岐阜大学

Perspectives: Problems in Automating Brown’s EFL Readability Index
by Brett Reynolds, Michael Geffon, Sakuragaoka Girls' Junior and Senior High School

by Haruko Sera, Justin Charlebois, Roger Nunn, and David McMurray

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