JALT Journal - Issue 26.1; May 2004

Volume: 26
Issue No. 1
Date of publication: May 2004
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  • Task-Based Language Learning and Teaching (Rod Ellis) Reviewed by Thomas C. Anderson
  • Methodology in Language Teaching: An Anthology of Current Practice (J. Richards & W. Renandya [Eds.]) Reviewed by Roger Kenworthy
  • Practical English Language Teaching (International Edition) (David Nunan [Ed.]) Reviewed by Paul Hullah
  • Teachers' Narrative Inquiry as Professional Development (Karen E. Johnson & Paula R. Golombeck [Eds.]) Reviewed by Michael J. Crawford
  • Controversies in Applied Linguistics (Barbara Seidlhofer [Ed.])Reviewed by Scott Petersen
  • Applied Linguistics in Language Education (Steven McDonough)Reviewed by Scott Bronner
  • The Changing Face of CALL: A Japanese Perspective (Paul E. Lewis [Ed.]) Reviewed by Justin Charlebois
  • Pragmatics (George Yule) Reviewed by Donna Tatsuki
  • The Bilingual Family: A Handbook for Parents (Second Edition) (Edith Harding-Esch & Philip Riley) Reviewed by Jack Massalski
  • The Japanese Mind: Understanding Contemporary Japanese Culture (Roger J. Davies & Osamu Ikeno [Eds.]) Reviewed by Jonathan M. W. Rankine


JALT Journal

Readability Formulas For EFL
by Jerry Greenfield, Miyazaki International College

Roles of Output and Feedback for L2 Learners’ Noticing
by Hideki Sakai, Shinshu University

Using Mnemonics to Facilitate Learning of Japanese Script Characters
by Emmanuel Manalo, Julie Trafford, The Student Learning Centre, The University of Auckland; Satomi Mizutani; Department of Applied Language Studies and Linguistics, The University of Auckland

Perspectives: English in Japan: The World Englishes Perspective
by Phillip R. Morrow, Nagoya Gakuin University

by Thomas C. Anderson, Roger Kenworthy, Paul Hullah, Michael J. Crawford, Scott Bronner, Donna Tatsuki, Jack Massalski, and Jonathan M.W. Rankine

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