JALT Journal - Issue 26.2; November 2004

Volume: 26
Issue No. 2
Date of publication: November 2004
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  • How Different Are We? Spoken Discourse in Intercultural Communication (Helen Fitzgerald). Reviewed by Marie Cosgrove
  • Planning Lessons for a Reading Class (Thomas S.C. Farrell). Reviewed by James M. Hall
  • Action Research in Action (Gregory Hadley, Ed.).
  • Reviewed by Kay Hammond
  • The Reflective Teacher: A Guide to Classroom Research (Sandra Lee McKay). Reviewed by Kay Hammond
  • Controversies in Second Language Writing: Dilemmas and Decisions in Research and Instruction (Christine Pearson Casanave). Reviewed By Hiroyuki Iida
  • Teaching Pronunciation: Why, What, When, and How (Gloria Poedjosoedarmo). Reviewed by James McCrostie
  • The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English with CD-ROM (4th ed.) (Longman). Reviewed by Brian C. Perry
  • Grammar in the Language Classroom: Changing Approaches and Practices (Joyce E. James, Ed.). Reviewed by Robert Salter
  • Qualitative Inquiry in TESOL (Keith Richards). Reviewed by Debra Simms-Asai
  • Applied Linguistics (Guy Cook). Reviewed by Wang Shaoxiang
  • The Japanese Mind: Understanding Contemporary Japanese Culture (Roger J. Davies & Osamu Ikeno, Eds.).Reviewed by Jay Ercanbrack


JALT Journal

Hand in Hand: A Comparison of Gestures Accompanying Japanese Native Speaker and JSL Learner Refusals
by Nicholas O. Jungheim, Waseda University

Compliment-giving Behavior in American English and Japanese
by Hiroko Matsuura, Fukushima University

Journal Writing and the Question of Transfer of Skills to Other Types of Writing
by Peter M. Duppenthaler, Tezukayama Gakuin University

高校生の自由英作文はどのように評価されているのか -分析的評価尺度と総合的評価尺度の比較を通しての検討- How are high school students’ free compositions evaluated by teachers and teacher candidates? :A comparative analysis between analytic and holistic rating scales
by 山西博人(Yamanishi Hiroyuki) 広島大学

日本語教育実習におけるアクション・リサーチの役割 — Role of Action Research in Pre-service Education of Japanese as a Second Language
by 横溝紳一郎, 広島大学; 迫田久美子, 広島大学; 松崎寛, 広島大学

Role Controversy among Team Teachers in the JET Programme
by Sean Mahoney Fukushima University

Perspectives: Toward the Development of Intercultural Communicative Competence: Theoretical and Pedagogical Implications for Japanese English Teachers
by Keiko Komiya Samimy and Chiho Kobayashi, The Ohio State University

by Marie Cosgrove, Kay Hammond, James McCrostie, Brian C. Perry, Robert Salter, Debra Simms-Asai, Wang Shaoxiang, and Jay Ercanbrack

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