JALT Journal - Issue 28.2; November 2006

Volume: 28
Issue No. 2
Date of publication: November 2006
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  • Teaching English to the World: History, Curriculum, and Practice (George Braine, Ed.) Reviewed by Michael Lessard-Clouston
  • Practical English Usage (3rd ed.) (Michael Swan) Reviewed by Fiona MacGregor
  • Spoken English, TESOL and Applied Linguistics (Rebecca Hughes, Ed.) Reviewed by Cheryl Kirchhoff
  • The Language of Language: Core Concepts in Linguistic Analysis (2nd ed.) (Madalena Cruz-Ferreira and Sunita Ann Abraham) Reviewed by Byron O'Neill
  • Text, Context, Pretext: Critical Issues in Discourse Analysis (Henry G. Widdowson) Reviewed by Gerry Lassche


JALT Journal

大学入試英語問題語彙の難易度と有用性の時代的変化 - A Chronological Study of the Level of Difficulty and the Usability of the English Vocabulary Used in University Entrance Examinations
by 長谷川修治, 千葉県立茂原高等学校; 中條清美, 日本大学; 西垣知佳子, 千葉大学

Motivation for Learning English as a Foreign Language in Japanese Elementary Schools
by Junko Matsuzaki Carreira, Tsuda College

英語リスニング力における学習環境の差異:PC教室と普通教室の比較 - A study under the different learning environments for English listening tasks: Comparison of PC-equipped classroom and regular classroom
by 倉本充子, 広島国際大学; 吉田 信介, 関西大学; 吉田 晴世, 大阪教育大学

Differences in Reading Strategies Employed by Students Constructing Graphic Organizers and Students Producing Summaries in EFL Reading.
by Akio Suzuki, Josai University, The Language Education Center

The Effect of EFL Students’ Self-Monitoring on Class Achievement Test Scores
by Terry Vanderveen, Kanagawa University

by Michael Lessard-Clouston, Fiona MacGregor, Cheryl Kirchhoff, Byron O'Neill, and Gerry Lassche

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