JALT Journal - Issue 31.1; May 2009

Volume: 31
Issue No. 1
Date of publication: May 2009
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  • Talk in Two Languages (Joseph Gafaranga) Reviewed by Tim Greer
  • Idioms: Description, Comprehension, Acquisition, and Pedagogy (Dilin Liu) Reviewed by Ian MacLean
  • English Language Learning Materials: A Critical Review(Brian Tomlinson, Ed.) Reviewed by Scott Gardner
  • Japan’s Built-in Lexicon of English-Based Loanwords (Frank E. Daulton) Reviewed by Patrick Foss
  • Professional Encounters in TESOL: Discourses of Teachers in Teaching (Sue Garton & Keith Richards, Eds.) Reviewed by Andre A. Parsons
  • The Politics of Second Language Writing: In Search of the Promised Land (Paul Kei Matsuda, Christina Ortmeier-Hooper, & Xiaaye You, Eds.) Reviewed by Sonoko Tsuchiya


JALT Journal

Receipt through Repetition
by Tim Greer, Vivian Bussinguer S. Andrade, Jeff Butterfield, and Agnes Mischinger

Power-sharing between NS and NNS teachers: Linguistically powerful AETs vs. culturally powerful JTEs
by Kyoko Miyazato

Principles and Practices of L1/L2 Use in the Japanese University EFL Classroom
by Keith Ford

Revision of a Criterion-Referenced Vocabulary Test Using Generalizability Theory
by Takaaki Kumazawa

タスクの複雑性、母語、日本語能力が談話構成に及ぼす影響 指示表現・受身表現の使用について - Effects of task complexity, L1 and proficiency on the use of referential and passive forms in L2 Japanese discourse
by 中浜 優子


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