JALT Journal - Issue 32.2; November 2010

Volume: 32
Issue No. 2
Date of publication: November 2010
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  • The Handbook of Language Teaching (Michael H. Long and Catherine J. Doughty, Eds.)
    Reviewed by Thomas Amundrud
  • Researching Collocations in Another Language: Multiple Interpretations (Andy Barfield and Henrik Gyllstad, Eds.)
    Reviewed by Dale Brown
  • Global English Teaching and Teacher Education: Praxis and Possibility (Seran Dogancay-Aktuna and Joel Hardman, Eds.)
    Reviewed by Justin Harris
  • Vocabulary Matrix: Understanding, Learning, Teaching (Michael McCarthy, Anne O’Keeffe, and Steve Walsh)
    Reviewed by Natsuko Imaoka
  • Teaching Second Language Listening (Tony Lynch)
    Reviewed by Joseph Siegel
  • Second Language Learning and Identity: Cracking Metaphors in Ideological and Poetic Discourse in the Third Space (Mika Yoshimoto)
    Reviewed by Yuan Yuan


JALT Journal

Article: Learning to be a Teacher: Development of EFL Teacher Trainee Interactional Practices
by Yuri Hosoda and David Aline

Article: Interest and Prior Knowledge in Second Language Reading Comprehension
by John Eidswick

Article: 多肢選択式項目の項目形式が文法テストパフォーマンスに与える影響について - The Effects of Multiple-Choice Item Formats on Grammar Test Performance
by 熊澤孝昭

Perspectives: Reconsidering the Effectiveness and Suitability of PPP and TBLT in the Japanese EFL Classroom
by Rintaro Sato (佐藤臨太郎)


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