The Language Teacher - Issue 40.3; May 2016

Volume: 40
Issue No. 3
Date of publication: May 2016
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In this month’s issue . . .

40.1 TLTWelcome to the May/June 2016 issue of ​TLT. During the March graduation season in Japan, we experienced many farewells and changes. However, as the new school year has started, we hope you have valued the combination of new and old as we meet incoming students and colleagues. 

It has been five years since the Great Earthquake hit the Tohoku area. JALT expresses sincere wishes for the wellbeing of the people in the devastated areas, and asks JALT members for continued emotional and physical support.  

In this month’s issue, in our Feature Article, Writing Instruction: What Is Being Taught in Japanese High Schools, Why, and Why It Matters, Bern Mulvey presents both recent national survey results and observations made during six years of teaching both Japanese and English academic writing. He concludes that in order to improve academic English skills, critical reading, and writing skills, the L1 needs development as well. He suggests collaboration among all teachers providing this instruction.

 In Readers’ Forum, ​ Paul Tanner  ​advocates the use of freewriting (FW) for EFL writing classes in Freewriting: Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Write. In this article, the author defines and outlines one technique for guided FW and explains the procedure for implementing this activity, including possible pitfalls. 

Additionally in Age Effects: An Interview With Robert DeKeyser, University of Maryland, Robert DeKeyser and Daniel Dunkley discuss the effects of age on language learning, and the differences between children and adults in picking up a second language.

​Last, but not least, be sure to journey through our JALT Praxis sections for lots of classroom-oriented ideas, tips, and advice! As always, we really appreciate the hard work and dedication of all the volunteers at TLT. We hope that you find this issue enjoyable and helpful! 

Toshiko Sugino, TLT Japanese Language Editor 




本号のFeature ArticleではBern Mulveyが、What Is Being Taught in Japanese High Schools, Why, and Why It Mattersの中で、6年間の英語・日本語でのアカデミック・ライティング指導の経験をもとに、最近発表された調査結果を検討し、日本におけるアカデミック・ライティング指導の現状を提示し、英語のアカデミック・ライティングの能力向上には、母語でも批判的な読解力やライティング力を磨く必要であり、国語と英語の教員が協力し合って育てる必要性を論じています。

Readers’ ForumではPaul Tanner  ​が、Freewriting: Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Writeで、EFLライティングの授業中のFWの採用を提唱しています。本論では、1つの手法を定義付けその概要を述べ、起こりうる難題など実施の手順を述べています。

さらに、Age Affects: An Interview With Robert DeKeyser, University of Marylandにおいて、Robert DeKeyser はインタビューに答えて、言語学習と学習年齢の影響と、第二言語習得における大人と子どもの相違について論じています。

最後に、JALT Praxisセクションにぜひ目を通してください。授業を中心にしたアイディアや、ヒントや助言が満載です。TLTの発刊に尽力くださったすべてのボランティアの方々に感謝の意を表します。皆様どうぞ本号をお楽しみください。

TLT日本語編集長 杉野俊子



The Language Teacher

Writing Instruction: What Is Being Taught in Japanese High Schools, Why, and Why It Matters
by Bern Mulvey, Iwate University

Freewriting: Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Write
by Paul Tanner, Shiga University

Age Effects: An Interview With Robert DeKeyser, University of Maryland
by Daniel Dunkley, Aichi Gakuin University, Nagoya

Book Reviews

Pathways 1: Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking
by Lynette Airey, Bunkyo University

Partners in the Classroom: Team-teaching and Collaborative Learning Projects
by Kathryn Mabe, Asia University

JALT Focus

2016年第1回総会開催通知 - Notice of the First 2016 JALT Ordinary General Meeting (OGM)

My Share

Creating Meaningful Dialogue Without Over Reliance on Dictionaries
by Christopher Colpitts, Fukuoka University

It’s Not Rude, It’s Lively: Learning to Interrupt In Small Group Discussions
by Sylvan Payne, Hitotsubashi University

Communicative Extensive Reading
by Rheanne Anderson, Soka University

Questions, Questions...Write!
by Ian Wash, Rikkyo University

Street Map Basketball: Help Students Get Into Using Maps in English
by Charles McLarty, Hokkaido University of Information Science

Vocabulary Through Pictures Grouped by Themes
by David Horsley, Toyama College of Foreign Languages

SIG Focus

JALT Regional Professional Activities Chair
by Joël Laurier

TLT Wired

The Google Educator Accreditation Process for Language Teachers
by Brett Milliner, Tamagawa University

Old Grammarians

“All toasters toast toast.” –Mario (or Luigi?)
by Scott Gardner

Outside the Box

L2↑ ≠ EF↑ ≠ KY↑
by Adam Lebowitz

Writer's Workshop

Searching for a Research Topic
by Charles Moore, Concordia University

Young Learners

Path to Fluent Reading for EFL Children
by Mari Nakamura

Teaching Assistance

The Power of an Educator: Occupational Therapist Team
by Junior Koch, Sapporo Gakuin University; Risa Takashima, Megumino Care Support Centre

Dear TLT

Getting Started with Conversation Tests
by Tiernan L. Tensai

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