JALT Journal - Issue 38.2; November 2016

Volume: 38
Issue No. 2
Date of publication: November 2016
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In This Issue


In this November issue we are pleased to present three feature articles and a Research Forum. In the first article, Caleb Prichard and Jana Moore examine the amount of program coordination and teacher autonomy that can be found in higher institutions in Japan. In an article considering influences on performance, Chie Ogawa investigates the effect of pretask planning on oral performance. In a Japanese-language article, Keita Kikuchi and Hideki Sakai explore the changes in motivation among Japanese learners of English during secondary school, based on a survey of university students. In the Research Forum, Junichiro Takeno, Ken Tamai, and Shigenobu Takatsuka also consider performance and look at the word length effect in remembering vocabulary.


In the first of seven book reviews, John Cross examines a volume that argues for the use of corpus linguistics to better research, analyze, and understand grammar. In the first of a series of reviews in collaboration with the JALT Task-Based Learning SIG, Martin Hawkes tackles Mike Long’s book, Second Language Acquisition and Task-Based Language Teaching. The third review, from Laura MacGregor, explores a volume on the practice and implementation of content and language integrated learning (CLIL) for both subject teachers and language teachers. John Nevara then looks at a book about reflective teaching in higher education. Next, Daniel Tang reviews an edited anthology in which the authors address creativity from a theoretical perspective and provide practical applications for the classroom and curriculum. Another review on the topic of TBL comes from Jennifer Louise Teeter, who covers a title focused on aspects of task-based language learning in teaching writing. Akie Yasunaga closes out this issue with a review of Interlanguage: Forty Years Later in which 10 leading scholars celebrate the enduring contribution of Selinker’s seminal work at the inception of the field of SLA.

Editor’s Message

In my 2nd year as JALT Journal Editor, putting together the November issue has become as much a part of summer as matsuri and fireworks. As you read this in the autumn, spare a thought for me sweltering away in the Miyazaki heat. As usual, I have to thank many people for their help and support. The Associate Editor, Eric Hauser, has jumped right in to take over a lot of responsibilities.  Of course we could not put the issue together without Aleda Krause and the production team.  Greg Scholdt does a lot of work, sometimes at the last minute, reading quantitative manuscripts.  My thanks go as always to the reviewers and the authors who work together through a long review process and many revisions.

Anne McLellan Howard


JALT Journal

Coordination, Teacher Autonomy, and Collaboration in EFL Programs in Japanese Higher Education
by Caleb Prichard, Okayama University; Jana Moore, Hawai‘i Department of Education

Examining the Effects of Types of Pretask Planning on Oral Performances
by Chie Ogawa, Rikkyo University, Japan

英語学習動機の変化に影響を及ぼす要因―動機高揚経験及び減衰経験の内容分析― Factors on Changes of English Learning Motivation: A Content Analysis of Motivating and Demotivating Experiences
by 菊地恵太 Keita Kikuchi, 神奈川大学 Kanagawa University; 酒井英樹 Hideki Sakai, 信州大学 Shinshu University

Reexamination of Word Length Effect: Immediate Serial Recall of Foreign Words
by Junichiro Takeno, Chugokugakuen University; Ken Tamai, Kobe City University of Foreign Studies; Shigenobu Takatsuka, Okayama University

by John Cross, Martin Hawkes, Laura MacGregor, John Nevara, Daniel Tang, Jennifer Louise Teeter, & Akie Yasunaga

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