JALT Journal - Issue 40.1; May 2018

Volume: 40
Issue No. 1
Date of publication: May 2018
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In This Issue


The two articles in this issue provide a glimpse of the diverse approaches to research that can appear in JALT Journal. In the first, Tim Stoeckel, Tomoko Ishii, and Phil Bennett describe the development and validation of a bilingual version of the New General Service List Test. In the second, Michiyo Hokamura uses longitudinal data to examine the development of complexity, accuracy, and fluency in the English writing of two Japanese university students. 


In this issue, the book reviews introduce seven titles of interest to teacher trainers, language educators, and researchers. In the first review, George Haikalis covers an edited anthology of empirical studies investigating team teaching by Local English Teachers (LETs) and Native English-Speaking Teachers (NESTs). The second review by Caroline Handley introduces Paul Nation’s definition of a word and guide to constructing a word list from a corpus. Third, Caroline Hutchinson reviews Exploring Psychology in Language Learning and Teaching. In the next review, Christopher Pirotto looks at Richard Sampson’s latest research into student attitudes and Japanese EFL classroom motivation. Joseph Poulshock then examines educating second language teachers from an Oxford Applied Linguistics series title of that very name. Our sixth review is a report on Linguanomics by Dávid Smid. Lastly, Bill Snyder reviews Atsuko Watanabe’s case study research into the professional development of Japanese teachers of English through reflective practice.

Editor’s Message

After being Associate Editor for 2 years, I am proud that this is my first issue as Editor of JALT Journal. I would like to thank the former Editor, Anne McLellan Howard, for all that she has taught me over the last 2 years about editing the journal. As she moves into the position of Consulting Editor, I’m certain that I will continue to be able to rely on her advice. I am also grateful to Greg Sholdt, who will be continuing as Consulting Editor. I would like to thank all those who have submitted articles for consideration in JALT Journal, the members of the Editorial Board, our other reviewers, and most definitely the production editors and proofreaders. Without their contributions, it would not be possible to publish the journal.

JALT Journal will continue in its commitment to publish diverse, high quality research relevant for language learning and teaching in the Japanese context. Although such research can be more quantitative or more qualitative, I would especially like to encourage submission of rigorous qualitative research, such as ethnographic research or research on second language interaction, including classroom interaction. Of course, rigorous quantitative research will continue to be welcome. I look forward to 2 (or more) years as Editor.


The Language Teacher

A Japanese-English Bilingual Version of the New General Service List Test
by Tim Stoeckel, University of Niigata Prefecture; Tomoko Ishii, Meiji Gakuin University; Phil Bennett, University of Niigata Prefecture

The Dynamics of Complexity, Accuracy, and Fluency: A Longitudinal Case Study of Japanese Learners’ English Writing
by Michiyo Hokamura, Temple University, Japan

by George Haikalis, Caroline Handley, Caroline Hutchinson, Christopher Pirotto, Joseph Poulshock, Dávid Smid, and Bill Snyder

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