Exploring Mature, Highly Proficient L2 Learners’ Reading Motivations and Attitudes

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Torrin R. Shimono, Kindai University

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Shimono, T. R. (2016). Exploring mature, highly proficient L2 learners’ reading motivations and attitudes. In P. Clements, A. Krause, & H. Brown (Eds.), Focus on the learner. Tokyo: JALT.

To the best of my knowledge, there are no studies that have examined mature, highly proficient learners’ long-term L2 reading motivation and attitudes in the Japanese context from a qualitative perspective. For the current study, 3 mature, highly proficient learners’ long-term motivations and attitudes toward reading were explored through semistructured interviews. Three main themes emerged from the data: (a) similarities in the participants’ L1 reading attitudes and some attitude shifts toward reading in the L2, (b) reading in English as a daily routine through sustained perseverance and effort, and (c) motivational management. The results showed that L1 and L2 reading attitudes were not the same for these learners. Moreover, 2 of the learners revealed profound reasons to incorporate L2 reading into their daily routine, and they have become skilled at managing their motivation for the lifelong learning process.


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