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数詞と漢語1字助数詞の不規則発音に関する音声学的教授法の効果 Effectiveness of Teaching Irregular Pronunciations of Numeral and Single-Character Sino-Japanese Counter Compounds Using Japanese Phonology

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松澤隆志, 国際商業機器科技(深圳)有限公司 Takashi Matsuzawa, IBM Solution and Services (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.


The counting system may be one feature that makes the Japanese language difficult to learn since there are many counters to affix to numbers and the numeral and the counter compound is frequently irregularly pronounced. On single-character Sino-Japanese counters, Matsuzawa (2007) proposed four prediction rules for irregular pronunciations derived from Japanese phonology. These rules are expected to help in the learning of Japanese counters. He also proposed the use of a reference table for learning and predicting pronunciations. This paper reports on the effectiveness of this approach with Chinese business people working with Japanese language in China and shows that the initial percentage of correct prediction for the pronunciation improved from 82.20% to 90.64% after instruction, including regular pronunciation. The result was statistically significant. The study also reports that some of Japanese language learners established their own rules for pronunciation prediction.
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