• A Framework for the Development of Mobile Learners in Japan—Keith M. Watson, Grant S. Agawa
  • Classroom Development of Intercultural Competence—Kevin J. Ottoson
  • Discourses Analysis in an ESL Community of Practice—Akiko Nagao
  • Extracurricular Programmes in EFL: Learning Opportunities Outside the Classroom—Aaron Francis Ward
  • Helping Students Pass the Turing Test—John Campbell-Larsen
  • Language Learner Autonomy, Motivation, and Proximal Goal Completion—Paul A. Lyddon
  • Language Learning Strategies Use in University and Beyond—Martin Mullen
  • Learning Strategies and Low Proficiency Students—Andrew Thompson, Robert Cochrane
  • Making an Impact with Peer Tutoring—Craig Manning
  • Masculinity and the Study Abroad Experience—Todd Squires
  • Neuroplasticity in the SLA Classroom: Connecting Brain Research to Language Learning—Kevin M. Maher
  • Possible L2 Selves for Students of Science and Engineering—Glen Hill, Joseph Falout, Matthew Apple
  • Pragmatic Competence Through Discourse Analysis—Ian Hurrell
  • Self-Access Language Learning: Japanese Autonomy—Adam Serag
  • Self-Access Rooms: Accountability and Mentoring—Amy Stotts, Seiko Oguri
  • Small Talk: Pragmatics Lessons for College English Language Learners—Reiko Takeda
  • Social Discourses as Moderators of Self-Regulation—Paul Collett, Kristen Sullivan
  • Speaker’s Information Territory and Politeness of Japanese Learners of English—Nobuko Trent
  • Student Creativity and Language Performance—Cameron A. Smith
  • Students’ Beliefs About the Function of EFL in Higher Education—Jeremy McMahon
  • What Can “Englishnization” at Rakuten Teach Us? A Case Study—Yoichi Sato
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