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グローバル人材基礎力育成事業の一例 • Nurturing Global Competence Through an English Immersion Program

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尾中 夏美, 岩手大学; Natsumi Onaka, Iwate University



The Ministry of Education is currently promoting initiatives in education to generate global human resources. An English immersion program which aims to nurture the foundation of the global competence initiatives was organized for junior high school students living on the coast of Iwate prefecture in order to draw their attention to the global society and inspire them to communicate with people from other cultural backgrounds. Even though the program lasted only for 2 days, the data collected before and after the program revealed that the students were more motivated towards English study after the program and have improved their willingness to communicate, which serves to nurture the foundation of the 3 components of global human resources. This case study analyzes the potential of the English immersion program by examining the changes in students’ awareness and attitudes.

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