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大学生の自己効力感と学習行動 • College Students’ Self-Efficacy and Learning Activities

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津村修志 盛岡貴昭 大阪商業大学 • Shuji Tsumura, Takaaki Morioka; Osaka University of Commerce


This study looked for the relationship between self-efficacy and college students’ attitudes toward learning activities, especially reading aloud and cooperative learning. 426 Japanese university students were asked to respond to a questionnaire, which included the generalized self-efficacy scale, 26 multiple-choice questions on learning activities, and two open-ended questions on reading aloud and cooperative learning. The answers to the open-ended questions were analyzed by text-mining and a correspondence analysis, and multiple-choice items were analyzed using chi-square tests. The findings showed that the low self-efficacy students were reluctant to read aloud and work in groups, though they were interested in acquiring correct English rhythm and intonation. Also both high and low self-efficacy students realized that cooperative learning was worthwhile. The authors believe that even low self-efficacy students would enjoy reading aloud with the use of prosody and working in groups after they engage in such activities a few times.

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