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「は」と「が」の用法理解の実態と構文別指導の効果 • Understanding of Wa and Ga Particle Usage and Sentence Structure-Based Instruction

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松澤隆志, 浙江師範大学 • Takashi Matsuzawa, Zhejiang Normal University


Many theoretical discussions on the difference between wa and ga have been conducted in the field of Japanese linguistics. However, practical methods of teaching this content to Japanese learners have yet to be developed and published. Reporting on a study targeting 152 Chinese JFL users in business contexts, this paper offers an error analysis on the use of wa and ga from 18 different typical usages. It also questions whether the type of instruction based on a sentence structure analysis (Mou, 2004) is effective or not. Results indicate that the JFL users in this study had problems using wa and ga correctly in sentences with particular structures. The research suggests that this method was effective. The correct answer ratio prior to instruction was 68.49%; this improved to 78.93% after instruction and the effectiveness continued to be observed 1 month later. 

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