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Date of publication: October 2009

On PAC7 at JALT2008
Shared Identities: Our Interweaving Threads
Conference Proceedings


JALT2008JALT2008, the 34th JALT International Conference, was held concurrently with two other major international events: PAC7, the Seventh Conference of the Pan-Asian Consortium (an association of language teaching associations based in east and southeast Asia); and the Sixth Asian Youth Forum. The overall theme was Shared Identities: Our Interweaving Threads; the venue was again the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center, situated next to Yoyogi Park in Tokyo; and the program ran from 31 Oct through 3 Nov 2008.

The exciting cosmopolitan atmosphere, the brightly colored fabric of live discussion and engagement with so many colleagues from around Japan, from Asia, and around the world... all inevitably fades in our memories.

It is the mission of this volume, the PAC7 at JALT2008 Conference Proceedings, to provide a faithful academic record, and preserve it as a resource into the future. For all who enjoyed attending the live program, the papers published here may seem, by comparison, impersonal and abstract—but they are of course less ephemeral, and a finite distillation of the observation, thought, creativity, and argument expressed in the four days of the conference.

The annual Conference Proceedings seems destined to be JALT's largest single publication year by year. Altogether, about 150 papers were submitted for inclusion this year, of which 120 have carried through successfully into publication.

These papers have passed repeatedly through critical review, firstly by anonymous reviewers—our Editorial Advisory Board—and then by the writers themselves, in consultation with our Associate Editors. More remarkable than the large number of papers is this large number of committed and talented volunteers who all invested their autonomous good judgment, but cooperated to weave this volume to completion.

Autonomy is deservedly a much discussed concept in these pages; likewise the question of focusing on meaning versus form. Many of the writers seemed more inclined to focus on their meaning, not always holding formal accuracy in equal esteem. Even so, through the editing process, we have aspired to match the high standards of accuracy set in other more compact JALT publications. Many thanks to all who patiently took part in this effort.

The Editors
Alan Stoke (Editor-in-Chief), Theron Muller (Reading Committee), and Malcolm Swanson (Admin)

Editorial Staff


  • Alan Stoke (Editor-in-Chief) - Tokyo Keizai University
  • Theron Muller (Reading Committee) - Noah Learning Center (Nagano)
  • Malcolm Swanson (Admin) - Seinan Jo Gakuin University

Senior Associate Editors

  • Torkil Christensen

Associate Editors

  • Aaron Batty
  • Aleda Krause
  • Alison Stewart
  • Aya Takeda
  • Ben Lehtinen
  • Bertlinde Voegel
  • Cecilia Ikeguchi
  • Chris Wharton
  • Damian Rivers
  • Daniel Arrieta
  • Frank Daulton
  • Greg Rouault
  • Joe Siegel
  • John Racine
  • Joseph Sheehan
  • Kirsten Anderson
  • Loran Edwards
  • Margit Krause-Ono
  • Mary Aruga
  • Michael Post
  • Naomi Fujishima
  • Robert Betts
  • Scott Gardner
  • Shirley Leane
  • Stasha DeMent
  • Steven Herder
  • Tetyana Sayenko
  • Wilma Luth

Assistant Editors

  • David Brooks
  • Nozomu Sonda

Design, Layout, and Web Editing

  • Pukeko Graphics (Paul Collett)

Published by

The Japan Association for Language Teaching
August 2008
Tokyo, Japan

Copyright & Cataloguing Data

  • JALT President: Caroline Lloyd
  • Publications Board Chair: Steve Brown


Copyright © 2009 by the Japan Association for Language Teaching. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be used or reproduced in any form without written permission from JALT, except in cases of brief quotations embodied in scholarly articles and reviews.

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PAC7 at JALT2008 Conference Proceedings, JALT Central Office, Urban Edge Bldg., 5th Floor, 1-37-9 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0016, JAPAN

Cataloging Data

Stoke, A.M. (ed.)
On PAC7 at JALT2008: Shared Identities: Our Interweaving Threads


1. Second Language Teaching—Second Language Learning—Teacher Education
1. Title
August 2009
ISBN: 978-4-901352-31-4 (JALT2008 Conference Proceedings)

Editorial Advisory Board for the PAC7 at JALT2008 Conference Proceedings

  • Mark Alberding—Rikkyo University
  • Daniele Allard—Dalhousie University, Canada
  • Daniel Arrieta—Ritsumeikan University
  • Will Baber—Ritsumeikan University
  • Chris Baldwin—British Council Hong Kong
  • Yvonne Beaudry—Sakuragaoka High School
  • Marcos Benevides—Kansai Gaidai University
  • Phil Bennett—ELS Language Center, Sapporo
  • Robert Betts—
  • Greg Birch—
  • Kim Bradford-Watts—
  • Greg Brakefield—
  • Philip Shigeo Brown—University of Birmingham
  • Dale Brown—Nanzan University
  • Torkil Christensen—
  • Joyce Cunningham—Ibaraki University JALT Ibaraki
  • Iain Dandy—ALTIA CENTRAL
  • Frank E. Daulton—Ryukoku University
  • Mark de Boer—Iwate University
  • Brian Duff—
  • Hywel Evans—Tsuru University
  • RJ Frampton—AEON Institute of Language Education
  • Felipe Franchini—
  • Sue Fraser Osada—Seisen Jogakuin University
  • Scott Gardner—Okayama University
  • Bob Gettings—Hokusei Gakuen University Junior College
  • Gregory P. Glasgow—Teachers College Columbia University Japan
  • Susan Gould—University of Maryland English Institute (MEI) parttime
  • Myles Grogan—Momoyama Gakuin Daigaku
  • Chris Hale—City University of New York, Queens College
  • Daragh Hayes—Fanshawe College, School of Language and Liberal Studies (London, Ontario, Canada)
  • Neil Heffernan—Ehime University
  • Joseph Heilman—University of Digital Content
  • Joseph Hellman—
  • Steve Herder—Seibo Jogakuin High School
  • Anne McLellan Howard—Miyazaki International College
  • Cecilia Ikeguchi—Prof., Faculty of Information and Communication, Tsukuba Gakuin University
  • Alexander Imig—
  • Mihoko Inamori—
  • Sharon Ishizaki—Tokai University; Ferris University; Tama University
  • Katsumi Ito—
  • Douglas Jarrell—Nagoya Women's University
  • Douglas Jarrell—
  • Kregg Johnston—Hosei University, Meijigakuin University, Nichibei Kaiwagakuin
  • Brent Jones—
  • Akemi Kamiya—Columbia University Japan Campus graduate advisor
  • Akemi Katayama—The University of Texas at Austin
  • Barry Keith—Gunma University
  • Christopher Kossowski—
  • Aleda Krause—
  • Jeremy Kritt—Seoul National University of Technology
  • Ben Lehtinen—Kanda University of International Studies
  • Darren Lingley—Dept. of International Studies, Kochi University
  • Robert Long—
  • Damian Lucantonio—University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo
  • Laura MacGregor—Gakushuin University
  • David Mackie—Shukutoku University
  • Linda Martine—Univeristy Canada West
  • Sandra McGoldrick—English Language Institute, University of British Columbia, Canada
  • Steve McGuire—
  • Brian McMillan—Kanda University of International Studies
  • Masuko Miyahara—International Christian University, Tokyo
  • Frederico Morales—
  • Sharona Moskowitz—Teachers College, Columbia University-- Alumni
  • Theron Muller—Noah Learning Center
  • Robert Murphy—UOEH (Sangyoika Daigaku), Shimonoseki City U., Murphy School
  • Masako Muto—
  • Ted O'Neill—
  • David Ockert—Tezuka Corporation
  • Kayo Ozawa—Kyoritsu Women's College
  • Peter Parise—
  • Jason Peppard—Tohoku Gakuin University
  • Jonathan Picken—Tsuda College
  • Mike Post—Osaka JALT
  • John Racine—Dokkyo University
  • Andrew Reimann—Utsunomiya University, Faculty of International Studies
  • Damian Rivers—Kanda University of International Studies
  • Greg Rouault—Kwansei Gakuin University
  • Mike Ruddick—
  • Kevin Ryan—Showa Women's University
  • Stephen M. Ryan—St. Thomas University
  • Michi Saki—Kyoto Ryoyo High School
  • Kazuko Sako—
  • Robert Salter—
  • Joshua Sargent—Gaba Corporation
  • Joseph Sheehan—
  • Joe Siegel—Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
  • Colin Skeates—Seisen University
  • Eric M. Skier—Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences
  • Jim Smiley—Tohoku Bunka Gakuen University
  • Nozomu Sonda—One World International, Yamaguchi University
  • Paul Spijkerbosch—Matsuyama University
  • Vick Ssali—Nanzan University/Nagoya Women's University.
  • Hodges Stephen—Trident College of Languages
  • Alan Stoke—Tokyo Keizai University
  • Chirstopher W. Storey—The University of Kitakyushu
  • Michael Stout—
  • Jill Rachele Stucker—Hokkaido University
  • Bernard Susser—Doshisha Women's College
  • Alice Svendson—Jumonji Womens College
  • Malcolm Swanson—Seinan Jo Gakuin University
  • Sachiko Takahashi—
  • Jerry Talandis Jr.—Toyama College of Foreign Languages
  • Dax Thomas—Meiji Gakuin University
  • Kazuko Unosawa—
  • Deryn Verity—Osaka Jogakuin College
  • Patricia Vermillion—Hokkaido University
  • Richard Walker—Meiji Gakuin University
  • York Weatherford—Kyoto Sangyo University
  • Beth Wolff—Senshu University Matsudo Junior/Senior High School
  • Lukasz Zablonski—


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