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高等学校英語検定教科書が扱う文化題材の考察 -異文化理解の観点から- • The Analysis of Cultural Issues in Japanese High School English Textbooks: From the Perspective of Intercultural Understanding

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大川 光基 Kouki Ookawa

Cultural understanding is one main objective in teaching English at Japanese high schools, as suggested by the Ministry of Education (MEXT). Four cultural components, in twelve English textbooks, were examined: variety of categories, areas where English was used, the purposes of the materials, and the quality of the content. The result of this research indicates that these materials cover tangible contents such as places and buildings and intangible ideas such as certain beliefs and personal views. American and Japanese topics were frequently used, while the number of lessons related to countries where English is used as the second language was very small. These findings suggest that it is necessary to increase not only the content concerned with those countries but also with Asian nations such as Korea, China, and Taiwan since many students will have chances to communicate with these Asian people in English in the future.


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