Showcase: Innovating teaching in context: Asia

Theron Muller and Steven Herder


In this month’s Showcase, Theron Muller and Steven Herder invite readers to contribute to their exciting new project


Recently we were talking with visiting professors from the UK who asked why there isn't a book defining EFL, as distinct from ESL.

Discussing this between the two of us, we concluded that EFL teacher-researchers based in Asia are best positioned to define EFL incontext. We also decided that if we waitedfor other people to begin the project, it might never happen. Thus we created our call for submissions for Innovating teaching in context: Asia.

For both of us, this is our first time editing an unsolicited book of papers. Our call has been out for about a month, and we've had interest in the project from the publisher we contacted for advice and from various researchers based in Asia.

Our feeling is that the Asian EFL context has tended to be defined by outsiders looking in, with innovations disseminated from Inner Circle countries outward. What we want to do is reach out to teacher-researchers based in Asia interested in defining for themselves the Asian EFL experience and how its needs are different from ESL contexts.

Some of the themes we're interested in exploring includeestablishing the context, innovativetheory,innovativepractice, and other topics related to teaching English in Asia.

We invite you to join us in this exciting new project. Please contact us at <> or visit our full call at <>.

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