The Language Teacher - Issue 19.11; November 1995

Volume: 19
Issue No. 11
Date of publication: November 1995
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Special Issue: University English Teaching



  • English Language Entrance Examinations at Japanese Universities: Interview with James Dean Brown
  • by Gillian S. Kay
  • Misbehaviour in the University Classroom? A Cross-Cultural Survey of Students' Perceptions and
  • Expectations by 5tephen M. Ryan
  • An English-Medium Content Course: South Pacific Studies in a Japanese University by Craig Volker
  • Teaching Returnees in University English Classes by Robert I. Tobin
  • 日本の大学における英語教育:新世界秩序と英語– 村上和賀子
  • (English Language Teaching in the New World Order by Wakako Murakaml)

Forum: Policy changes on liberal arts curriculum 

  • The Means of Meaning-A Why & A How of Teaching Content by Philip Jay Lewitt
  • English Education in Specialized Universities by Julie Higashi
  • Practitioners of the Liberal Arts by Steve McCarty
  • The 1991 Revised Standards and the EFL Profession in Japanese Universities: Focus on Teachers by Masaki Oda


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