The Language Teacher - Issue 20.10; October 1996

Volume: 20
Issue No. 10
Date of publication: October 1996
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Note: As digital versions of this issue of TLT do not exist, some material is not available online (see bottom of page for material available online). Paper copies of articles can, however, be purchased from JALT Central Office.


  • by Laura MacGregor

Feature article

  • Instruction to Non-Japanese Students Hoping to Enter Japanese Universities (In Japanese) by Mizuguchi Hiroyuki

Conference main and special speakers

  • Crossing Borders: The Development Parameter by Julian Edge
  • Norms, Models and Identities by Brad Kachru
  • Culture of Peace and Human Rights: Education in a Global Age Context by Horio Teruhisa
  • Linguapax, Languages and Peace by Felix Marti

Special features

  • Language Teaching and the Internet Series (Part 1) by Tim Newfields
  • Job Hunting in Japan: Qualifications & Information by Ken Dillon & Craig Sower
  • Some Practical Basic Training Options for Teachers of English in Japan by Sean Conley, Clive Lovelock & Janina Tubby

Employment forum

  • JALT's Response to Monbusho edited by Bill Lee

My share

  • Newspaper Conferencing by Diane Pelyk & Joan Gilbert
  • Student-Centered Conversations by Trevor Sargent
  • Raising Students' Awareness by Geoff Morrison


  • The Multicultural Workshop: A Reading and Writing Program
  • Personal Themes in Literature: A Multicultural Experience reviewed by Jane Joritz-Nakagawa
  • USA Today: Read All About It reviewed by Mary Grove
  • The Internet and Instruction: Activities an Ideas reviewed by Don J. Modesto
  • Stories We Brought With Us: Beginning Readings reviewed by Gregory Dunne
  • Seeing Is Writing: Model Essays by Japanese Students reviewed by Paul Binford
  • Concordance Samplers 2: Phrasal Verbs. Helping Learners with Real English reviewed by Gregory Hadley
  • Changes 2 reviewed by Robert Gee
  • Troublesome English: A Teaching Grammar for ESOL Instructors reviewed by William Corr
  • Collins Cobuild Key Words in the Media reviewed by Anthony Robbins
  • Recently Received compiled by Julien Whitney


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  • JALT News
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The Language Teacher

Crossing Borders: The Development Parameter
by Julian Edge, Aston University

Norms, Models, and Identities
by Braj B. Kachru University of Illinois

Culture of Peace and Human Rights: Education in a Global Age Context
by Horio Teruhisa

Linguapax, Languages and Peace
by Felix Marti, President, International Linguapax Committee Director, UNESCO Centre of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain; Translated in part from the original French by Kip Cates, Tottori University

The First Steps to Internet Connectivity
by Tim Newfields, Tokai University

Job Hunting in Japan: Qualifications and Information
by Ken Dillon & Craig Sower, JALT Job Information Center

Some Practical Basic Training Options for Teachers of English in Japan, Outside the Formal Education System
by Edited by Andy Barfield

JALT's Response to Monbusho
by Edited by Bill Lee

My Share

Newspaper Conferencing
by Diane Pelyk & Joan Gilbert

Raising Students' Awareness of Learning in Reading: A Reading Activities Evaluation Sheet
by Geoff Morrison, Nevada-California International Consortium of Universities and Colleges--Japan

Student-Centered Conversations
by Trevor Sargent, Tottori University

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