The Language Teacher - Issue 22.1; January 1998

Volume: 22
Issue No. 1
Date of publication: January 1998
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The Language Teacher

Current Research and Practice in Teaching Vocabulary
by Alan Hunt and David Beglar

Faculty Word Bank on the Internet
by Paul Stapleton, Hokkaido University

Japanese Loanword Cognates and the Acquisition of English Vocabulary
by Frank E. Daulton, Nanzan University

Communicative Competence; Still Relevant After All These Years: An Interview with Dr. Sandra J. Savignon
by Brenda Fay Harris

Some Second Thoughts on English and Capital: A Response to Pennycook
by Craig Sower

My Share

Scrambled Vocabulary for Vocabulary Review
by Keith Lane, Miyazaki International College

A Technique for Vocabulary-Based Oral Testing
by Steve Redford Prefectural, University of Kumamoto

A Lively Vocabulary Game
by Rickford Grant, Clark College, Vancouver, Washington

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