The Language Teacher - Issue 30.4; April 2006

Volume: 30
Issue No. 4
Date of publication: April 2006
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Feature Article

  • Use of honorifics by second language learners - by Keiko Uchidate

Readers' Forums

  • Performing Kyogen in a small elementary school class - by Harumi Yamada
  • Reasons and methods for learning students' names - by Brian G. Rubrecht

My Share

  • Using logic problems to develop accuracy and fluency - by Marcus Otlowski
  • Using peer observation to encourage negotiation of meaning - by James Venema
  • Finding a roommate: A vocabulary building and usage lesson - by David Svoboda

TLT Wired

  • The future is wireless: mobile learning and language education - by Michael Thomas

Member's Profile & Showcase

  • Eddy Jones, Robert Diem


  • The JALT Publications Board - by Amanda O'Brien
  • Learning from JALTÕs 2005 Research Grantees - by Naoki Adamson, Mami Ishikawa, and Andy Boon


  • Canadian studies in Japan - by David McMurray

Old Grammarians

  • An imaginary interview with Benjamin Whorf - by Scott Gardner


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