The Language Teacher - Issue 30.5; May 2006

Volume: 30
Issue No. 5
Date of publication: May 2006
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Feature Article

  • Japanese students' literacy background and the role of the writing center
    - by Sachiko Yasuda

Readers' Forums

  • Developing autonomy in language learning: A view from Thailand
    - by Patareeya Wisaijorn, Pimpaporn Suwattigul, and Bob Tremayne
  • Sometimes I just need you to listen: A gender studies unit
    - by Justin Charlebois

My Share

  • Learner journals: Use a hybrid approach and stop wasting time!
    - by Mark Firth
  • Mystery tour
    - by Steven Paydon

Member's Profile & Showcase

  • Judith Johnson, Nicolas Gromik


  • JALTCALL 2006 international conference
    - by Don Hinkelman
  • Touch the futureÑRipples in a pond
    - by Dan Waldhoff


  • Altruistic projects in Bangladesh
    - by David McMurray


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