The Language Teacher - Issue 32.4; April 2008

Volume: 32
Issue No. 4
Date of publication: April 2008
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Feature Article

  • Using group discussions for self and peer-assessment - by David Leaper

My Share Activities

  • Using a deck of playing cards to practice using the future tense - by Annie Menard
  • When students become teachers: Textbook teaching with a twist - by Laura Bean
  • Dialogue dictations as four^skills communicative activities - by David Ockert
  • Empty hands: An activity to initiate conversation - by Takeshi Ishikawa
  • Culture cards - by David Chapman
  • From reading to humming - by Azzeddine Bencherab
  • Using props and acting skills to create meaning-focused learning - by Kathi Emori
  • Miss Manners says, Mind your topic sentence! - by Ian Willey
  • video reviews - by Patrick Foss
  • Video news casting in English: Using video to promote English communications - by Thom W. Rawson
  • Enhancing classroom experience through a class blog - by Stephen Pihlaja

Book Reviews

  • Bookworms Club Stories for Reading Circles - Reviewed by Simon Handy
  • Encounters Abroad - Reviewed by Pino Cutrone


  • - with Steve McCarty


  • JALT research grants: An offer you might not want to refuse - by Anthony Robins
  • Conference planning factoids: True or false? - by Jim Smiley


  • Language professors and poets in India - with David McMurray


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