The Language Teacher - Issue 32.7; July 2008

Volume: 32
Issue No. 7
Date of publication: July 2008
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JALT2008 Pre-Conference Special Issue

Plenary Speaker

  • Myth and reality in foreign language education for young learners - by Yuko Goto Butler
  • English and globalisation: Today and tomorrow - by David Graddol
  • Variation in World Englishes: Implications for the ELT classroom - by Andy Kirkpatrick

Featured Speaker

  • The self-directed learning approach and Thai students as active learners - by Akara Akaranithi
  • Stories: Feeding language learners for life - by Jennifer Bassett
  • Teaching foreign language reading fluency - by Richard R. Day
  • Developing intercultural competence: Reexamining the goal and role of language education - by Alvino E. Fantini
  • Relating culture to the teaching of communication strategies - by Alastair Graham-Marr
  • Brain-based learning and the active approach - by Curtis Kelly & Chuck Sandy
  • Raising language awareness by investigating the linguistic landscape - by Chris Kennedy
  • What really is fun for children studying EFL? - by Yoko Matsuka
  • Profiling spoken fluency - by Michael McCarthy
  • Communities fo practice: How teachers construe their teaching - by Scott Thornbury
  • International standards and national examinations: The Russian experience - by Maria Verbitskaya
  • Using process writing to nurture successful writers - by Dorothy E. Zemach

My Share

  • Digital cameras and blackboard memos: Living handouts from the classroom in action - by Kristen Sullivan
  • Making the laws - by Andy Hockersmith

Book Reviews

  • Collins COBUILD Advanced Dictionary of American English (with CD-ROM) - by Jim Ronald

Member's Profile

  • RJ Frampton


  • What are the roles of the Japanese TLT staff? Read on and find out! - by Sachiko Takahashi
  • Hiroshima: Fukuyama Children's Conference - by Ewen Ferguson


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