The Language Teacher - Issue 34.2; March 2010

Volume: 34
Issue No. 2
Date of publication: March 2010
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The Language Teacher

Feature Article: Critical Issues: A Survey of Topic Popularity among University Students
by Robert Ó’Móchain and Robert Perkins

Reader's Forum: Doing role-play successfully in Japanese language classrooms
by Eric Bray

Reader's Forum: Where does Psychology and Second Language Acquisition research connect? An interview with Zoltan Dornyei
by Robert S. Murphy

My Share Special Issue: Fourteen activities
by Mayumi Asaba, Paul Marlowe, Lindsay Mack, Jonathon Harrison, Minako Inoue, Gillian Pelton-Saito, Gay Ann Kato, Jay Veenstra, Greg Rouault, Kevin Mueller, Paul Howl, Tom Fast, Jacqueline Foster, Richard Goodwin and Paul Spijkerbosch

Book Reviews

Top Notch TV Video Course: Fundamentals
by Irene Iwasaki, Hannan University and Momoyama Gakuin University

Chapter Reports

Chapter Reports - March 2010

Career Development Corner

Dispatching a lower quality of education
by Andrew Sekeres III, Nagoya and Gifu JALT Chapters

My Share

Organizing multimedia pop music presentations
by Mayumi Asaba, Konan University and Paul Marlowe, Kwansei Gakuin University

Teaching prosodic patterns through English movies
by Lindsay Mack, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

TV comedy carried over to the classroom
by Jonathan Harrison, Nihon University, College of Science and Technology

Promoting professional development: Knowing yourself
by Minako Inoue, Health Science University

A cooperative, content-based vocabulary activity
by Gillian Pelton-Saito, Rikkyo University

A template for mini lessons with very young learners
by Gay Ann Kato, Kuji Language Center

A high-frequency vocabulary activity
by Jay Veenstra, Tokai University

Interactive introductions
by Greg Rouault, Kwansei Gakuin University

Run and read
by Kevin Mueller, Tokyo International University

A speaking activity in connection with the movie, School of Rock
by Paul Howl, Asia University

Three days in paradise: Planning your own vacation as an EFL exercise
by Tom Fast, Okayama Gakugeikan High School

A future tense picnic
by Jacqueline Foster, Vancouver Island University

Ad Talk
by Richard Goodwin, Ashford University

Empowering learners with rubrics
by Paul Spijkerbosch, Matsuyama University


A busman’s holiday with Teachers Helping Teachers
by Joseph Tomei, Associate Professor, Kumamoto Gakuen University

The Framework and Language Portfolio (FLP) SIG: News and upcoming can do publication
by Fergus O’Dwyer, Momoyama Gakuin University

It’s all about the learners: Pan-SIG 2010: Learner Perspectives
by Rudolf Reinelt, Ehime University, Pan-SIG 2010 Publicity

The Conference Co-chairs reflect on JALT2009:The Teaching-Learning Dialogue: An Active Mirror
by Steve Cornwell, Osaka Jogakuin College, and Deryn P. Verity, Osaka Jogakuin College

TLT Wired

Weaning from Word: Alternatives on the Mac
by Malcolm Swanson

Publishing in TLT Wired
by Ted O'Neill, J. F. Oberlin University

Grassroots Outreach

Development of language classrooms in Ontario
by Zeta Laurene Graham-Nurse

Old Grammarians

“Phoney” intertextualization: Skaz that never heals
by Scott Gardner

Showcase & Member's Profile

Showcase: Aki Iimuro

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