The Language Teacher - Issue 35.3; May 2011

Volume: 35
Issue No. 3
Date of publication: May 2011
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The Language Teacher

Tohoku Kanto Earthquake: Letter to the membership
by Kevin Cleary, NPO JALT President

A collaborative writing approach: Methodology and student assessment
by Christopher Mulligan & Russell Garofalo, Ritsumeikan University

Judging books by their covers and more: Components of interest in graded readers
by John Eidswick, Konan University; Greg Rouault, Konan University, Hirao School of Management; Max Praver, Tsukuba University

Reader's Forum: TeachNet: A website created for teachers
by Christopher Glick, Rikkyo University

Reader's Forum: Improving interpersonal competence in the communicative classroom
by Ronald Schmidt-Fajlik, Ibaraki University

Reader's Forum: “English makes me act in a different way”: To what extent can a change of language affect speech and behaviour?
by Susan Karen Burton, Bunkyo Gakuin University

Reader's Forum: Teaching collocations effectively with the aid of L1
by Shigeru Ozaki, Takushoku University

Book Reviews

Out Front
by Steven Brooks, Mejiro University / Kanto Gakuin University

by William Rozycki, University of Aizu

Chapter Reports

Chapter Reports - May 2011

Career Development Corner

Using the balanced scorecard to keep your career on track
by Richard Miller

My Share

Keep your students awake: Using prediction in a reading class
by Yuko Matsumoto, Waseda University

A multi-pronged approach to vocabulary
by Jennifer Altman, University of Washington

What a wonderful world: Critical thinking in the classroom
by Chris M. Murphy, International University of Japan

English for special occasions (ESO): The art of letter writing
by Elizabeth J. Lange, Tokai University, Japan


by Mihoko Inamori, TLT Japanese-Language Editor (2009-2010), J.F. Oberlin University

by Emika Abe, TLT Japanese-Language Editor, Daito Bunka University

CALLing you to join us in Kurume
by David Ockert, Nagano City Board of Education

Willful ignorance or mindful intelligence? Part 2: Developing beginner’s mind
by Paul Raymond Doyon, Utsunomiya University

SIG Focus

SIG News - May 2011

TLT Wired

What is on your computer’s hard disc? Preserve your computer data
by Ted O’Neill

Grassroots Outreach

Returning to Japan to talk about tanka
by Janick Belleau

Showcase & Member's Profile

Member’s Profile: Brett Laybutt

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