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小学校英語科の導入における教員の見解 Elementary teachers’ views on English teaching

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濱本サト子, 安田女子大学 Satoko Hamamoto, Yasuda Women’s University


To investigate the opinions of elementary school teachers with regard to the current situation, a questionnaire survey was administered to 270 in-service teachers who were responsible for 5th and 6th grades in 141 municipal elementary schools in Hiroshima city. The Japanese Ministry of Education revised its new course of study with the introduction of English classes at elementary schools (MEXT, 2008). In anticipation of mandatory elementary school English classes beginning in 2011, the Hiroshima City Board of Education and a private university in Hiroshima city provided teacher training for all 5th and 6th grade homeroom teachers in a three-year joint venture from 2007-2009. Each summer, approximately 280 teachers participated in an English teaching seminar for four successive days. Over 90% of the teachers made positive reviews regarding the teacher training outcomes, but actually very few of them felt confident enough to begin teaching English to their young learners. 
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