EAL Coordinator - Osaka YMCA (5/31)

Job details: 

Key Requirements:
• Recognized teacher certification in an area related to teachable subject
• Three or more years of experience in a K-12 National / Internationally accredited school
• Experience working within the MYP or DP systems
• Cross Cultural Understanding - an ability to work with a range of cultures and the desire to attempt things in different ways
• An understanding of the IB Standards and Practices

Core Competencies:
• A background and passion in curriculum design and programme development
• Significant understanding of the IB Standards and Practices
• Self―direction and management - an ability to plan and develop
• Leadership qualities and the ability to support the development of others ―
• A highly collaborative approach to teaching and working

Position Specific Competencies: EAL Coordinator

The English as an Additional Language Coordinator is a dynamic individual possessing knowledge of a wide range of EAL best practices. This person possess the ability to develop a fully articulated EAL programme for students from grade 7-12. The ideal individual would be able to initiate, design, develop and implement a strong EAL programme.

Major Responsibilities:
• Supporting the Diploma Coordinator through the school Authorization process
• Development of EAL outlines and related curriculum
• Support with the writing of school policies and procedures
• Participation in meetings related to school planning
• Engaging with other teachers and supporting their development / understanding of the role of EAL.
• Working with the Osaka YMCA International School to support the development of teaching and learning

Success Indicators:

The ideal candidate will demonstrate a number of these qualities:
• Growth mentality - the desire to build a school, develop a programme, and engage in the creation of a new community
• Upward mobility - an interest in growth and development
• Flexibility and Adaptability - These positions will require you to wear many hats
• Sense of humor - Building new things comes with challenges

Thu, 2018-05-31
Contact details:

“Tenure-Track” Position, Dept. of English, Kobe Shoin Women’s University (5/31)

Job details: 

Announcement of “Tenure-Track” Faculty Position
Department of English, Kobe Shoin Women’s University
The English Department of Kobe Shoin Women’s University invites applications for a four-year full-time contract position at lecturer grade or above. The contract is non-renewable but holders of the position can apply for tenure after two years during the contract period.
1. Master’s degree or above in TESOL, Applied Linguistics, British-American Cultural Studies, or closely-related field, with at least three-years’ teaching and research experience at university/college level
2. Demonstrated record of academic achievement in the relevant field.
3. Knowledge, skills and enthusiasm required to develop students’ basic English skills
4. Candidates who are not native speakers of Japanese should have sufficient Japanese ability to carry out a range of administrative duties in the university
5. Living in Kobe/Kansai area or the ability to relocate.
6. An understanding of the purpose and ethos of Kobe Shoin Women’s University as a Christian institution of higher education
Job Details
1. Teaching English Department and Foreign Language Education Center subjects such as Second-Year Speaking, Advanced Writing, Intercultural Cultures, Research Seminar and Graduation Thesis writing supervision.
2. Involvement in full-time employees’ educational and research activities as well as department administration and student recruitment etc.
3. Administrative duties associated with the University’s Foreign Language Education Center
4. Salary based on the university salary scale.
5. Starting date: April 1st, 2019
Documents to Submit
1. Resume (on Kobe Shoin’s form 1) with photograph
2. List of publications (on Kobe Shoin’s form 2; indicate with “O” a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 main items)
3. Copies of main items of research indicated in (2) above (Note: In certain cases, additional documentation relating to academic achievements may be requested.)
4. Account in English of the applicant’s approach to teaching basic English at university, and a brief account of the candidate’s experience of learning Japanese (or English) as a foreign language including history of study, achievements and current ability. (on one A4 sheet)
5. Copy of degree certificate
6. Name, position and contact details of two referees
Related Information
1. Submission of health certification may be required at a later date.
2. The university’s retirement age is 65 (with extension under certain conditions).
3. Use of personal information submitted will be strictly limited to candidate assessment.
4. Application documents are not generally returned. (If return desired, please send suitable S.A.E.)
5. Kobe Shoin forms 1 and 2 can be downloaded from
Selection Procedure
1. Examination of documents
2. Interview (in English and Japanese) and demonstration class of Second-Year Speaking
Note 1: Candidates invited to interview will be contacted by email, so please include email address in resume.
Note 2: Costs of travel to interview will be borne by the applicant.
Application Deadline
1. Applications should be received by May 31st, 2018.
2. Mail documents (except references) by registered mail to:
Kobe Shoin Women’s University, Kyomuka
1-2-1 Shinohara-Obanoyama-cho
Nada-ku, Kobe 657-0015
Fax: 078-882-6180
(Write on the envelope in red “English Department application documents. Position 1”.)
3. Fax enquiries to Hiring Committee, Department of English, Fax: 078-882-6180

Thu, 2018-05-31
Contact details: 
Kobe Shoin Women’s University, Kyomuka 1-2-1 Shinohara-Obanoyama-cho Nada-ku, Kobe 657-0015 Fax: 078-882-6180 (Write on the envelope in red “English Department application documents. Position 1”.)

English Language Assessor Minato-ku, Tokyo (6/25)

GBC English Language Assessors do not deliver training but rather score the strengths and weaknesses of individuals in regard to language proficiency and inter

Job details: 

Berlitz is accepting applications for a full-time language assessor for the head office. The position will begin in summer, 2018.

Salary ¥290,000/m

Applicants must:

• hold a minimum of a bachelor's degree from an accredited university
• be a native-level speaker of English
• have a background in or knowledge of language testing would be beneficial
• have a minimum of a BA or BS degree
• have excellent English writing skills
• have a good attention to detail and strong analytical skills
• have an ability to work quickly and efficiently with minimum supervision (once trained)
• have good interpersonal skills: the ability to build strong relationships with external and internal customers
• be dedicated to providing outstanding customer service
• be computer literate
• have the ability to follow a standardised process
• be available for a face-to-face interview in Tokyo

The basic tasks are:

• ​e​valuate and rate proficiency interviews
• ​produce benchmark and progress reports for our corporate clients
• ​c​onduct GBC interviews on an ad hoc basis
• ​w​ork with the Berlitz Sales Department to ensure smooth delivery of assessments
• ​oversee the quality control of our interviewers
• ​c​onduct GBC interview training sessions as required

​Working schedule:

• the hours are Monday to Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (37.5 / week).
​• straight working hours; no split work shifts
• not required to work in the evenings
• weekends off ​

Mon, 2018-06-25
Contact details:

Full-time native-level English teacher, Keio Shonan Fujisawa Junior and Senior High School, Kanagawa (6/25)

Keio Shonan Fujisawa Junior & Senior High School, the newest secondary school associated with Keio University, is seeking applicants for a full-time teaching

Job details: 

Keio Shonan Fujisawa Junior & Senior High School, the newest secondary school associated with Keio University, is seeking applicants for a full-time teaching position from April 2019.

Full-time native-level English teacher

From April 1st 2019 to March 31st 2020, renewable annually by mutual consent up to a maximum term of 5 years

Based on Keio Gijuku criteria

Commuting allowance, annual book allowance

Teach up to 19 hours per week (16 core English classes and 2 electives, 1 homeroom)
Full-time staff work 5 days a week (Sunday and one other day off) and are occasionally asked to come to school on holidays for school events and other duties
Share typical homeroom responsibilities with a Japanese partner
Assess students in accordance with school guidelines
Participate in school events & supervise students during trips, sports days, club activities, etc.
Play an active role in departmental duties such as curriculum development, test writing, coordination of exchange programs, coaching students for speech contests, etc.

Qualifications & Requirements:
Native-level speaker of English
MA in TESOL or a related field preferred
Junior/senior high school experience (particularly in Japan)
Conversational Japanese an advantage
Experience with returnee students an advantage (Returnees are students who have lived in English speaking countries)

Application Materials:
Curriculum vitae and cover letter
Copies of transcripts from all post-secondary schools attended
Details of publications and presentations, if any
At least one letter of recommendation from a recent employer and/or a professor
Please note that application materials will not be returned

Application materials to arrive by email or post by Monday, June 25th 2018

Calls for interview will be sent out by Thursday, June 28th 2018
Preliminary interviews will be held at the school on Thursday, July 5th 2018. One selected candidate will then attend a second interview at Keio University’s Mita Campus on Friday, July 6th

Mon, 2018-06-25
Contact details: 
English Department Hiring Committee Keio Shonan Fujisawa Junior & Senior High School 5466 Endo, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa-ken 252-0816 Japan TEL (0466) 49-3587 FAX (0466) 47-5077 Email:

Full-time English Assistant Professor - Hiroshima Shudo University (8/31)

Major Subjects: “English Listening” and “English Reading”

Job details: 

Position Announcement (English)

Number of positions to be filled: 1 (starting April, 2019)
Deadline for Application: 5 p.m., Friday, August 31, 2018
Name of Institution: Hiroshima Shudo University (HSU) 
Faculty: Commercial Sciences

Major Subjects: “English Listening” and “English Reading”
Job Title: Assistant Professor
(This position will be for a three-year term, and it will be possible to apply by January of the second year of employment for a tenured Associate Professor position. It will be renewed as such in the third or fourth year of employment upon successful review.)

(1) A person whose first language is English or who has the equivalent proficiency in English (JLPT N1 level or equivalent Japanese proficiency is desirable)
(2) MA/MEd/MSc or higher degree in ESL/EFL or a closely related field
(3) Sufficient academic work or publications in ESL/EFL or related fields
(4) Ability to teach English subjects including “Active English” and “English Writing Studies”, and major subjects including “Discussion in English”, “Current English” and “Business English”
(5) Activeness for education, research, administrative duties and social contributions
(6) Willingness to live in the Hiroshima area

Application Materials Requested:
(1) CV with a recent photograph (downloadable form)
(2) List of publications indicating three main publications (downloadable form)
(3) Copies of the three main publications
(4) Copies of BA and MA/MEd/MSc certificates
(5) Some personal views on teaching methodology (downloadable form)
(6) Outline of research activities in the past and in the future (downloadable form)
(7) Sample outline describing 15 lessons for a 1st year required “English Listening” course for students whose TOEIC Bridge score is 128 or below (downloadable form)
(8) A five-minute recording in English of the applicant’s self-introduction and
views on teaching English, submitted as an audio file (in mp3 or wav format) on a CD, DVD, or USB memory stick

Selection Process:
After screening, selected candidates will be invited to come to HSU for an interview and to give a demonstration lesson.

Benefits and Working Conditions:
As set by the Rules and Regulations of Hiroshima Shudo University

Application materials must arrive at the following address by registered mail no later than the deadline. After screening, they will be returned to the applicant along with a notification of results.
President, Hiroshima Shudo University,
1-1-1, Ozuka-higashi, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima, 731-3195, JAPAN
(Please write “English Position” in red on the envelope.)

Contact Office (in case of queries):
Personnel Affairs Office, Hiroshima Shudo University
Tel: (082) 830-1325  E-mail:  
The forms can be downloaded from or http://jrecin.jst.

Note: We are very much hoping to hear from female applicants who are
actively involved in research.

Fri, 2018-08-31
Contact details: 
Application materials must arrive at the following address by registered mail no later than the deadline. After screening, they will be returned to the applicant along with a notification of results. President, Hiroshima Shudo University, 1-1-1, Ozuka-higashi, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima, 731-3195, JAPAN (Please write “English Position” in red on the envelope.)

Full Time English Language Visiting Instructor, Asia University, Tokyo (6/8)

Full Time English Language Visiting Instructor

Job details: 

Job Details-

The Center for English Language Education (CELE) at Asia University has openings for full time Visiting Faculty Member (VFM) positions starting in April 2019, or possibly September 2018 should the need arise.

1-year appointment with the possibility of renewal for an additional 4 years (therefore, maximum term possible is 5 years)

Duties include:

Teaching up to 20 hours of EFL per week (one classroom hour equals 45 minutes of instruction); attending all regular and special CELE faculty meetings; serving on a CELE administrative committee; providing service as a substitute instructor when necessary; and completing an approved project.

Minimum Qualification Requirements:

A Master's degree in TESL/TEFL or English Literature from an accredited university. A Master's degree in another field with a TESL/TEFL certificate may be considered. One year of teaching experience at the university level is also strictly required.


1. Initial monthly salary is approximately 320,000 yen before deductions for tax (if applicable) and the mandatory health insurance.

2. In addition to the regular monthly salary, the equivalent of one month's salary is paid two times a year, in June and in December.

Fri, 2018-06-08
Contact details: 
Deadline for applications: October 31st 2018 *Shortlisted candidates may be contacted as early as the end of May 2018. Application Procedures: 1. Asia University application form (do not send your standard resume/C.V.) Download from: LINK: 2. Official university transcript (not merely diploma) or good-quality copy of, showing awarding of the highest academic degree earned 3. At least two letters of recommendation (e.g., from a current/recent employer and a program advisor) 4. Days, times, and telephone number to reach you for a video call interview Application Submission: Email or posted applications are accepted. Postal address: Center for English Language Education (CELE) Asia University International Center 5-24-10, Sakai Musashino-shi, Tokyo, 180-8629 JAPAN E-mail: *Please note that application materials submitted by post cannot be returned. Personal information will be treated with confidentiality. Telephone/ Fax: Tel. +81-422-36-4089 Fax. +81-422-36-4869

Hourly Paid Teacher of English, Adults (part-time) (5/28)

Job details: 

Pre-existing right to work in Japan. These roles are only open to applicants who currently have permission to live and work in Japan. Please note that if your current working visa is under the ‘Other’ category (e.g. Professor, Instructor, Artist) you will need to apply for a new visa under the category (Engineer / Specialist in Humanities / International Services). UK nationals need to apply for a UK DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check.

Mon, 2018-05-28
Contact details: 
Please apply online:

Part-Time English Instructors in Nagoya (5/28)

4 days/week (Tuesday-Friday, 1:00pm – 9:00pm) for ¥200k/month

Job details: 

We are looking for a new Instructor who:
Is a Native-level English Speaker
Has a two-year Associate Degree or higher;
Has enthusiasm in teaching children;
Are self-reliant in their work, and can think and act as an entrepreneur;
Have a strong sense of professionalism, and able to serve as an ambassador of the WinBe brand
Job Description:
Working Hours:

4 days/week (Tuesday-Friday, 1:00pm – 9:00pm)
7 hours a day including a 45 minute paid break.


Three main vacations that fall predominantly on the three main holidays in Japan;
Golden Week in May
Obon in August
Christmas/New Years

Paid vacation days after 6 months of employment.


・Visa Sponsorship
・Housing Assistance

Teachers receive comprehensive initial training in Tokyo with pay. The commute will be reimbursed.

Mon, 2018-05-28
Contact details:

IB MYP Visual Arts and Design teacher, The Senri and Osaka International Schools of Kwansei Gakuin, Mino, Osaka (6/8)

We are looking for two dynamic, positive educators who can develop and deliver visual arts and design courses for middle and high school.

Job details: 

We are looking for two dynamic, positive educators who can develop and deliver visual arts and design courses for middle and high school. As members of our shared programmes team, you will teach students from both schools with English levels ranging from beginner through to native speakers. Middle school visual arts lesson content is developed by our full time teachers who will also be teaching sections of the course while high school elective courses have more flexibility with content depending on the specialty and interests of the successful candidate Start date: late August 2018 The school: Osaka International School of Kwansei Gakuin and Senri International School of Kwansei Gakuin are two sister schools founded for the benefit of returnee, national, and international residents of the Kansai region, bringing together the best of Japanese and non-Japanese educational ideas, systems, and techniques. For more information about our school, please see our website ( Candidates should be experienced and certified visual arts and/or design teachers. Experience teaching the IB MYP at an international school is preferable but not required. You will have the academic background and creativity to tailor the MYP design cycle to the students’ needs, and the resources available at the school. You will be able to collaborate with colleagues and work with teachers from other disciplines in building MYP transdisciplinary units. The ability to adapt and tailor materials for different levels of English ability is essential. This is an hourly wage teaching position. The number of hours is approved by the heads of schools and is typically between 15-20 hours per week. The number of hours will be informed prior to each term. This is a year-long contract with the possibility of renewal based on the agreement of both parties. The position does not come with relocation allowances or other full-time benefits. You can complete the online application form (link here). We are accepting applications immediately and will be reviewing candidates as they apply.

Fri, 2018-06-08
Contact details:

Full-time Assistant Professor, Lecturer, Associate Professor or Professor, Komazawa University, Tokyo (6/8)

Komazawa University Department of English, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, invites applications for 2 tenured positions, starting April 1, 2019.

Job details: 

Full-time Assistant Professor (Jokyō), Lecturer (Kōshi), Associate Professor, or Professor, depending on qualifications and experience.
Duties and tasks:
(i) Teaching English as a Foreign Language.
(ii) Attending meetings, participating in extra-curricular activities and performing administrative and examination-related tasks undertaken by faculty members.
(iii) Translating, proofreading and editing in-house documents.
(iv) Designing, developing and managing the Department’s educational curriculum.

Qualifications (as of 1 April 2019, all of the following must be satisfied):
(i) PhD or MA/MSc/MPhil with equivalent academic achievements.
(ii) Minimum one year experience in teaching English to English learners at university or high school level.
(iii) Sufficient English proficiency to conduct classes in English.
(iv) Sufficient Japanese proficiency to participate in a variety of departmental activities (Level N2 or above of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is desirable)

The deadline for applications is June 8, 2018.
For more detailed information, salary information, and application materials please go to the following URL:

Fri, 2018-06-08
Contact details: 
Department of Languages Office, Research Building No. 1, Komazawa University 1-23-1 Komazawa Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-8525 JAPAN
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